The Addictive Sphere of Writing!



Writing ! It is just wonderful to let myself lose into a whole new world every time i open a notebook. I was born with a desire to explore the world, a yearn for experiencing the first hand wonders and splendors of  the planet.

The magical power of a written word, the various twists and turns the language possesses, the innate absolute beauty of a phase, the explicitly of a metaphor to the subtlety of a simile pours a great way of happiness and excitement into my world. Right from my early school days, i have been penning down my thoughts into words, poems, and abstracts. Mostly, enshrouding my words under the covers and sometimes letting it out to the world. 

What’s your eternal love ?




Meeting the Captain Cool- MS Dhoni

Wake up Zoya! You have a flight to catch. My mother’s voice echoed though my ears and i recollected that I have to go back to Delhi today. Bone lazy and downhearted, I woke up. Didn’t feel like dressing up so just wore some ‘notmyprettyclothes’ and reached the airport to find the flight delayed.

I waited until the boarding started, and was finally seated at seat no. 1C ( thanks to our super agent , Mr Anil). I was busy texting good bye messages, then to my fancy , saw a familiar face entering the flight.Dhoni!!! hell yes,it was him. He entered, kept his bag right on the cabin above my head, and sat on seat no 1 E, along with Sakshi on seat no. 1F. All passengers were seated by then.

Thrilled and titillated i texted in my WhatsApp home group ,’ I’m sharing the flight with Dhoni’. My sister thought i’m bluffing around because she herself bumped into him last week , at the Bangalore airport. (I know Dhoni’s getting luckier) 😉

So, now what?

I wanted to talk to him but then being a shy girl, I thought,i shouldn’t go up to him because he clearly wouldn’t have wanted to be bothered and also, it kind of felt weird to just walk up to a celebrity stranger and say hi.   Lol

The flight took off and soon after there was this beep sound and the on-board services resumed. So did my anxiety. Soon afterwards, I couldn’t stop myself from acting like a complete goof! I asked, in actions, to the middle aged guy sitting next to Dhoni if he could please exchange his seat with me. Okay now, don’t judge me because that guy clearly didn’t have any interest in sitting next to the captain or talking to him. He was being a complete bore by working on his laptop in sheer ignorance with his earphones on. ( I know right ). Well, he happily agreed and while we were exchanging seats, he was looking at me with the expression- what is this crazy girl upto!? But then he greeted me with a warm comforting smile.

This was so not me, but then guess what, I landed up sitting next to the Captain Cool for 1.5 hours! I told him how my sister thinks i’m bluffing about him being in the same flight and saying, ‘pheko mat’. He said I could go ahead and click a picture with him to show her as a proof. Lol (Asking me to keep the phone low to avoid the other passengers from seeing this. )Sakshi offered to click our picture but he said he would click it himself. I was overwhelmed by their politeness. He clicked two pictures, didn’t like any so asked him if I could click some more 😀 (so me)

Here’s the picture.


I asked  him about the movie on him, his terms with Yuvraj, about his sister. I told him how amazingly he used to manage the team. Also about, how beautifully he brings back life to a dull drying match. And that whenever I say, I’m from Ranchi, people are like, okay Dhoni’s place!!

I also told him about the 2011 Cricket World Cup match, where India lost so many wickets in the beginning and was about to lose. My brother in law was in tears and had switched off the tv. Then, how he showed up,  running the risk to bat in place of Yuvraj thereby warming the cockles of billions of hearts by bringing the Cup to India . A country and a generation which was deprived for 28 years of a World Cup glory finally could moisten its parched dreams.

For that, I hold him on the highest pedestal possible !

Everyone around was so jelaous. There was an Uncle ready to exchange seats with me. I told him a guy is asking me to shift. He asked me not to look there and keep sitting. 😂

After landing,I stepped out and boarded the bus to the airport building. He too came by bus. Simplicity! He could have got a VVIP ride. Gee wizz! Three people stamped on my feet to click pictures with him. There was a girl running after him and crying out loud, ‘ I’m from the same school , same school please, can I take a picture with you ‘ and what not ! It was a sight to see. And then, soon after stepping out from the bus he, along with Sakshi briskly walked away.

His charms though, still remains.He  is the spitting image of what I thought him to be. Somebody with strong convictions and perhaps, a stronger moral compass. Highly chivalrous and free from vanity!

PS – I asked the laptop man to return back to his seat, but he comfortably denied. 😀

PPS – For the world cup night, he will always be my brother’s HERO. 🙂

PPPS – I love Yuvraj for his 6 sixes in an over days. 😀


Moulded in thousands of wishful thoughts ,
Each one having its own trait
Typically evoking an intense emotion:
Joy,anxiety, catharsis, fear, ecstasy and the like.

She unfolds;
Like an origami.

Even an entire universe of words woven together won’t suffice to express its queer uncertainty;
She gives a glimpse of wonderness
Appreaing as a silhouette of an utopian world in the mind , thereby diluting into a thousand subsidiary fickling wilderness.
She creates butterflies in the stomach
She makes me happy
She makes me weird and wild
at the same time
Deep, profound ,
She is a poetry!

Little Delights


don’t always get what we want, most of us are not able to fulfil our cherished dream and curse the atrocities we face in life. Also, we belittle the tiny delights the life offers us like a peck on the cheek by  a father as he returns back home, biryani  being served at the dinning table, long drives, packing for home, gathering our favorite stuffs for a vacation,  the joy of wearing  attires that best suits us, soothing smiles from a mother, hug from a friend, being someone’s no. 1.

Let’s cherish every bit of these.

For sometimes, these tiny things become the blessings we once had,

and we then miss them to death.


A Glance At You

A glance of you is like
The spring’s lilies blossomed to its zenith,
The first view of the dancing sea.
A sight to behold in eyes until the twelfth of never;
You have such charm,
Which satiates my desire to see the beautiful things the heaven bears.

Putting the Blinkers off ~Are We Independent For Real?



Today, India celebrates its 71st Independence Day and turns 70 as a nation. Indeed! 15th August is a heart warming day for all us fellow Indians. The streets covered in saffron, white and green with plethora of  Indian tricolor standing tall, nation playing desh bhakti songs drenched with nostalgia, people riding their motor bikes with their faces painted, Facebook and Twitter brimming with Happy Independence Day hashtags, and some species like me resting their spines back at home. 

After all, what better way to celebrate a day that stands for freedom than by being free and lazy yourself?  :’)

In these 7 decades, India has risen and achieved many landmark  milestones, from hosting its first Asian games in 1951 to its first General Election in 1952, from launching its first rocket in 1963 to Green Revolution ‘miracle rice’ in 1968.

click to watch 70 Events That Have Defined 70 Years of Independent India

Today, sitting in the balcony,  while sipping  a comforting cup of tea i was wondering how liberated we actually are. I was experiencing flashbacks of an incident from last month where one of my co intern  from some law university in South India, expressed  in front of all my fellow interns and some associates about how India doesn’t have any place for Muslims and that they should be thrown  out of the country. What started as an idle banter grew shriller and stronger with subsequent interactions with her and it came as a shocker for me as how could someone think like that. I have always believed India to be mine and vice versa. Maybe, she was exercising her freedom of speech and expression and maybe she thought she was. Sure as hell, this is not liberation? This ain’t freedom. Is it ? 

Huh! only i know how much i hated her for those cruel self-imposing words of hers. 

Even after 70 years of Independence we aren’t free from the sombre shameful smell of social evils like honor killings, corruption, prejudices based on caste systems , terrorism and discrimination against women. The very recent example is of  “lipstick under my burkha”, a movie based on the bitter realities of the struggles faced by women and their fight for freedom. Funny as it sounds,the film was initially rejected by the Censor Board for being too ‘lady-oriented’. The question is why is freedom of expression so uncomfortable now ?

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We readily inculpate the British for our poverty, our crazy cumbersome laws but who is to be held liable for our differences? who is to be blamed for these social atrocities and evil mindset of people which cripple the society and takes it far from being free and liberated ? This year lets not put the blinkers on and pretend, instead, let us all come together and en masse, make India pure by upholding the ideals of brotherhood, social justice and equality of our noble constitution for real and fee ourselves from the cage of independence.

So, readers let me know how  you feel ? what’s your notion of independence? what’s your story ?  Please leave in your feed backs in the comment box. Most welcome!

P.S Jhanda uccha rahe hamara. Jai Hind! 

NOTE: This article has been written on 15th August’2017

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